“drag-and-drop” Articles

Screen readers and drag-and-drop, part 1: draggable elements

Simplified illustration of draggable list items with a screen reader speech viewer and audio waves overtop

I’ve been using the HTML Drag and Drop API (DNDAPI) a fair amount lately, which is a native way to build draggable interfaces. Despite some quirks, it works pretty well – making it easy for developers to create drag-and-drop functionality.

But the DNDAPI has a big flaw: there’s no built-in accessibility features. This means screen reader users (and many others) won’t be able to use interfaces built with it without a lot of mindful, additional work from developers (which, let’s face it, most don’t do).

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Designing a reorderable list component

A list item being dragged within a list of items

Last year, I worked on a project which contained a reorderable list component – essentially, a group of items that users can rearrange in any order. Though I had no prior experience designing such a pattern, the end result worked well for our purposes. But I was sure that my lack of familiarity meant that there were improvements to the usability and experience that I could implement for the future.

As a result, I dove deep into the pattern – learning, creating, and testing versions of it to deduce as much as I could. In this article, I'm going to channel my findings into how we can create a reorderable list with a great user experience (UX).

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