Hey, I’m Darin Senneff. I’m a front-end designer and developer with a focus on UI, UX, motion, and accessibility.

My sweet spot is the intersection of design and development. I like to think about not only what an element looks like, but the way it functions and why? And how do we implement it so that the widest range of users, each with varying abilities and tools, can use it?

I dig writing HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript. I feel that core set of tools is the heart of the web, and is the foundation of building functional and efficient interfaces.

Away from the computer I’m into fitness and martial arts, having earned a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I enjoy new and retro video games, and I’m even developing my own game as a side project. I also enjoy cooking, watching horror movies, and tinkering and building things.

A portrait of Darin Senneff in a retro 1980's pixel art style.